City Traffic Will Demand Truck Freight Terminals

Issue 4 and Volume 13.

City Traffic Will Demand Truck Freight Terminals FREIGHT terminals designed and operated exciusively for motor trucks in the large cities of the United States, will be the next stage in the development of highway transportation. With appropriations that have been estimated to total nearly a billion dollars available for building roads in 1920, it is only necessary to enlarge highway construction facilities before we will have a comprehensive network of these trade arteries that will bring goods from hitherto undeveloped territories into large cities, said Mr. Fulton in a recent interview. It must be remembered, however, that with this increase in the number and capaci.y of highways will come increased demands upon the traffic resources in cities, and that the result will be serious congestion unless city traffic facilities are increased to offset the effects of outside highway construction. Since it is practically impossible to build more city streets or…

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