Issue 14 and Volume 67.

GENERAL FIRE ITEMS Lawrence, Mass., is the only city in the state that has no motor apparatus. Ipswich, Mass., will soon have its newly purchased motor pumper of 70 h. p., which cost $10,500. Eight motor cars stored in the Tri-State Garage, White Plains, N. Y., were recently damaged by fire which caused a loss of $10,000. The blaze was the result of backfiring of one of the cars. The new chemical combination bought by Stanley, Wis., has been delivered and the day following its arrival it was required to answer two fire alarms, each in a dwelling in different sections of the town. A new record for alarms has been established in the fire department of Mount Vernon, N. Y. In the course of five days recently no less than 25 alarms were sounded, a majority being of course chemical calls for grass fires. The alarms have been mostly…

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