Adjoining Buildings Saved in Woodstock

Issue 14 and Volume 67.

Adjoining Buildings Saved in Woodstock The recent fire in Woodstock, N. B., which destroyed the Hayden-Gibson Theatre, started from undetermined cause probably soon after 1 a. m., as when it was discovered and the alarm given at 1:40, the fire had already attained such headway that the department, under Chief William Bolger, found it impossible to save the building. The chief, therefore, devoted his efforts to preventing the adjoining buildings from becoming involved and to saving such part of the contents as might be rescued. The theatre was a three-story brick structure, 12 years old, covering a space 60×40 feet on a 66-foot street in the principal section of the town and was unprovided with private fire protection. The 20 firemen engaged had no apparatus and could use only hose. Fortunately, there was plenty of water as six hydrants were available at about 300 feet spacing, with a pressure of…

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