Issue 14 and Volume 67.

CORRESPONDENCE (NOTE—While gladly publishing tellers from its readers, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING does not hold itself responsible for the views expressed therein.-EDITOR.) Advocates the Motorcycle To the Editor: We have read with a great deal of interest the story carried in your issue of March 3 on “The Possibilities of the Motorcycle.” For some time we have advocated light motorcycle equipment, especially for the outlying sections of a municipality where building is rapidly being done and frame construction used. The advantages of such equipment lie (1) in speed in getting to a fire; (2) efficiency in the early stages of a home fire; (3) efficiency; and (4) last, but not least, economy of upkeep, and the smallness of the original cost. New additions, at least in our territory, contain a preponderance of frame dwellings, stores, doctors’ offices, garages, etc., and, until the addition is comfortably well filled, the roads leading…

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