No Extinguishers and Defective Valves at Fire

Issue 15 and Volume 67.

No Extinguishers and Defective Valves at Fire The Minnesota State Fire Marshal Bulletin of recent date has an interesting and suggestive article on a fire that occurred in Zumbrota not long ago, in which a fire starting from a leaking gasoline burner under a coffee urn in a restaurant destroyed over $80,000 worth of property in the business section of the town. This fire could have been extinguished promptly, the Bulletin comments, had there been hand extinguishers ready, but even lacking that protection, the department, which was quickly summoned, could have handled it with ease, but for the fact that defective water valves permitted the water to run back into the well, instead of forcing it on to the firing line. Consequently, all the firemen could do was to stand helplessly and watch the flames spread from one building to another. The same condition may exist in many other towns…

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