Issue 15 and Volume 67.

FIRE COLLEGE EXTENSION COURSE Copyright, 1920, by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, INC. VENTILATION (Continued from page 735) Operation of Venting The operation of venting a structure involved with fire is of the utmost importance in a fire department operation, for the prompt “opening up” of this or that particular part of a structure, as conditions call for, liberates the smoke, heat and gases of combustion, which permits of the quicker extinguishment of the fire and also prevents what is called “mushrooming” on upper floors. Fig. 6 shows a condition at a fire preventing the men from doing effective work. If the building were properly ventilated the smoke shown would be largely removed up through the opening or vent. Where a fire is extending through a vertical shaft, let it be a stairwell, elevator, light, air, dumbwaiter or vent shaft, it is absolutely necessary that prompt action be taken by the…

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