Water Works Bookkeeping and Accounting

Issue 15 and Volume 67.

Water Works Bookkeeping and Accounting Conclusion of Superintendent Bohmann’s Paper on Milwaukee’s System—City Divided and Subdivided into Equal Sections—Perpetual Card Inventory and Stock Record MILWAUKEE’S ACCOUNTING SYSTEM Superintendent (Continued from page 733) In order to equalize the work in the office, the city was divided into a certain number of parts or sections as nearly equal as possible, all beginning at a common center at the east end of the city and radiating wedge shaped to the outskirts. This arrangement assigns to each bookkeeper or section clerk a part of the downtown district, part of the central district and a part of the outlying district and divides the handling of new accounts equally between all bookkeepers or section clerks and gives to each an equal share of the work. If a section through the influx of new accounts become unequal, the same can very easily be equalized without sacrificing control…

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