First Large Fire for Years in Oswego

Issue 15 and Volume 67.

First Large Fire for Years in Oswego The first fire of any consequence in several years in Oswego, N. Y., was that which not long ago destroyed the car barns and repair shops of the Empire State Railways. It started at 1.30 A. M. from the explosion of a gasoline torch used by a night repairman in an attempt to thaw some frozen water pipes, and the gasoline flying in every direction set fire to a number of points, highly varnished cars and greasy pits, rapidly igniting, while the repairman was busy extinguishing his blazing clothing. The fire alarm system was out of order, owing to the extreme cold that prevailed for some days, and the telephone alarm sent in was so delayed that when the fire department, under Chief Jos. F. Hennessy, arrived, it was too late to do anything, although they tried their best. With the mercury at…

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