Fire Confined to Building in Greenville, S. C.

Issue 15 and Volume 67.

Fire Confined to Building in Greenville, S. C. The fire that recently destroyed the department store of Meyers-Arnold Company and damaged an adjoining theatre in Greenville, S. C., started, from an unknown cause about 7 A. M. it was thought, as it had a good start when the alarm was turned in at 7.33 A. M., as reported by C. Lee Biggerstaff, secretary of the fire department. The building, which was of brick and wood construction, had a 40-foot frontage on the principal street and was two stories in height and twenty years old. It had brick partition walls in the basement, but no private fire protection was provided. The fire started in the basement, and when the department, commanded by Chief J. G. Scott, arrived, the entire structure was involved, the building filled with smoke and flames issuing from the basement to the sidewalk. The thirty-one firemen employed two…

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