Why City Officials Should Attend Conventions

Issue 15 and Volume 67.

Why City Officials Should Attend Conventions Would Give Them Entirely New Viewpoint As Regards Department—Oath of Office Comes Before Politics—Chief’s Salary Should Be Commensurate With His Responsibilities of Public Safety, Pittsburgh, Pa. THE following address by Mr. Pritchard at the Kansas City convention of the I. A. F. E. last year is particularly timely, considering the approach of the meeting for 1920, in that it shows that the viewpoint of a city official can be changed by attendance at a convention of the association as it could be in no other way. The frank way in which the writer acknowledges his change of attitude toward his fire department after the revelations he has received at the meeting emphasises the importance of chiefs urging the attendance of their city officials as visitors to the Toronto convention. It is truly inspiring to an official who has been diverted from civil life and…

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