Clean-up and Paint-up Campaign

Issue 18 and Volume 67.

Clean-up and Paint-up Campaign The work, referred to in another column, of the National Clean-Up and Paint-Up Campaign Bureau, is of greater importance than perhaps is indicated in a casual glance, going down, as it does, to the fundamentals of civic order and prosperity. Without civic pride there can be no good citizenship and the Bureau starts at the right place to inculcate and promote that pride in ownership, that feeling of personal possession in one’s home city or town or village, as the case may be, that must precede true progressiveness. It starts with the home, the youth and the women. Boy Scouts and Girl Guides are interested and then their mothers and fathers readily fall into line. Or the plan may be reversed and measures taken to enlist the enthusiasm of the fathers and mothers who then gain the eager co-operation of the children. In any case, when…

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