Steubenville, Ohio, Fire Department

Issue 18 and Volume 67.

Steubenville, Ohio, Fire Department The fire department of Steubenville, Ohio, of which Edward J. Green is chief, according to the annual report recently issued, consists of two captains and fourteen firemen. At No. 1 station there are the chief, one captain and six men. At No. 2 station there are a captain and eight men. The department during 1919 answered 148 alarms. The loss was $98,174. The department used 16,050 feet of hose, 1,259 feet being chemical hose. The largest loss sustained by the department was the fire in the Hartje Paper Company, the damage sustained in this fire being $65,000. In fighting this fire, which destroyed the center part of the plant, there were used eleven streams from the city’s high pressure system. The apparatus of the department consists of one American-LaFrance triple combination, one American-LaFrance combination chemical and hose, and one horse-drawn ladder truck. Chief Edward J. Green,…

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