Is This Sentiment?

Issue 20 and Volume 67.

Is This Sentiment? ON the train the other day, coming down from Boston, we passed by the Pawtucket Water Works pumping station. It was just about sunset. The fresh lawns all about, the flower beds, and the reflection of the trees and the building itself in the little river near at hand made a beautiful picture. WE wonder whether you Superintendents of Water Works appreciate the opportunity that is yours to make your places of daily labor really attractive—a joy to the eye for all your fellow townsmen? IF your pumping station or your filter plant is what it might be artistically, and if you take due pride in its attractiveness, why not send us a photograph of it? WE will be glad to publish, for the benefit of your fellow superintendents, any pictures and any news items that you may have to send us. As we have told you…

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