Issue 20 and Volume 67.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Conducted by , B.Sc., M.E., Technical Editor “He that questioneth much shall learn much”—BACON NOTE—Readers of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order in which they are received. Names are omitted from questions unless otherwise specified. Spontaneous Combustion in Sunlight To the Editor: Does spontaneous combustion take place more rapidly in sunlight or in dark, damp places such as at the bottom of a coal pile? The precautions necessary in storing coal seem to point to great danger from spontaneous combustion from this point at least. Respectfully yours, Milton, Mass, April 7, 1920. G. D. Answer: Sunlight accelerates spontaneous combustion. It is very likely that the coal would ignite even more quickly when in sunlight than it does when stacked, provided ventilation were the same in either case. Sun must be carefully excluded wherever oiled fibres especially…

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