Economy in the Rebuilding of Water Works

Issue 20 and Volume 67.

Economy in the Rebuilding of Water Works Considered Especially in Connection With Small Plants — Harder Problems of the More Modest Utility—Coal and Labor Largest Items to be Considered — Three Typical Plants Consulting Engineers THIS subject may cover a multitude of questions, but it is of special interest as related to some of the smaller plants, as these towns have a harder time to make ends meet as compared with the larger city. The more populous town, if it has the money, usually requires equipment of such size that will operate economically, provided good engineering principles are adhered to, and in many such cases the question of plant economy is likely to become principally a boiler room question, because this is usually where the large loss occurs. By this I mean that assuming you have a good high duty pump, the duty will not change within a short period…

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