Putting Out Fires By Mail!

Issue 21 and Volume 67.

Putting Out Fires By Mail! OF course you are familiar with the great Chicago mail-order house of Sears, Roebuck & Co. Like so many big concerns nowadays, they have their own fire department; and we are proud to say that N. V. Holmes, Fire Marshal in charge, is a strong believer in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and the constructive work we are doing. His recent request that we mail him a copy of our New York Fire College Course, which he praises highly, has been echoed and re-echoed from every corner of the country. The enthusiastic demand from fire officials has exceeded our fondest hopes. CHIEF E. F. Coop, of the Pasadena department, out in California, writes an enthusiastic letter in, asking for his copy. Franklin H. Wentworth, Secretary of the National Fire Protection Association, wants one. Chief John J. Barnett, of Atlantic City, has ordered 14 copies for his…

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