How Much Water Do We Drink in the U. S.?

Issue 21 and Volume 67.

How Much Water Do We Drink in the U. S.? SINCE the hour when alcohol, as a beverage, was banished from this country, the amount of water which is drunk annually in the United States must have greatly increased. Even with this great increase in water drinking, however, it is doubtful if most of us drink enough water. It is, unfortunately, a fact that some of us do not dring enough water until the doctor advises us to do so—when, often, it is too late. Nevertheless, there is a large amount of water drunk in this country, and a careful consideration indicates that the daily amount averages, approximately, three glasses, for each individual. These three glasses do not include the water that we take in as part of our solid food, or the water contained in milk, coffee and other beverages, all of which naturally diminish the amount of water…

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