Gypsum Construction as a Fire Preventive

Issue 21 and Volume 67.

Gypsum Construction as a Fire Preventive Fire Resisting and Insulating Qualities of Material a Great Advantage—Lightness and Strength Other Important Features —Economical in First Cost—Saves Time in Building THE development of the science of fire protection in modern building construction has brought about many radical revisions of standards in so-called “fireproof” materials. Architects and engineers recognize today that mere incombustibility falls far short of the necessary qualifications for satisfactory fireproofing. To perform its proper function in a modern building, such a material must be more than incombustible; it must be fire-resistive, possessing a degree of non-conductivity of heat that will successfully protect the encased structural steel work from injury under the most severe conditions of fire that can possibly obtain in the building. And it must also possess a sufficiently low co-efficient of expansion to insure against self-destruction, or even serious injury, both during the progress of a severe fire,…

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