Chief Loucks on the Mais Truck

Issue 22 and Volume 67.

Chief Loucks on the Mais Truck Considerable interest has been aroused in fire department circles over the question of what city had the first hook and ladder service truck and also what truck was the first to be equipped with pneumatic tires. Chief John C. Loucks, of the Indianapolis fire department, throws some light on this subject in a recent interview in which he said: “The Mais Hook and Ladder Service Truck in the Indianapolis department was placed in service in March, 1912, with 38×8 pneumatic tires. They were the old style fabric tires and I believe the first truck that was ever mounted on pneumatic tires. After this two other types of wheels and tires were experimented with, but those for some reason unknown to me were not entirely satisfactory. In 1919, we had new wheels built and installed with 36×6 pneumatic cord tires. These are giving good satisfaction…

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