City Ordinances in Relation to Fire Prevention

Issue 22 and Volume 67.

City Ordinances in Relation to Fire Prevention Such Laws Should Supplement and Amplify State Regulations—Various Causes of Fire and Their Control—Strong Building Codes Necessary—Also Personal Liability Laws I HAVE serious doubts whether I can tell you anything which you do not already know about local ordinances, and their relation to the fire prevention. As representative firemen from all parts of the country, you who are here to attend the twenty-second annual convention of the National Firemen’s Association are up against the fire problem every day of your lives. Some of you have been up against it for years. You have worked under good ordinances and bad ordinances, and some of you perhaps under no ordinances at all. You know from experience the kind of ordinances you ought to have to back you up and make your work effective. You know what you have to contend with when you have good…

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