Experiences of a Water Works Superintendent

Issue 2 and Volume 68.

Experiences of a Water Works Superintendent President Elect of the American Water Works Association Philosophically Reviews the Work of the Water Bureau— Some Amusing Instances—Comments on Many Subjects Superintendent of Water Bureau, Rochester, N. Y. HAVING been actively engaged in water works affairs ever since leaving college almost thirty years ago, and having about thirty minutes to tell of my experiences, possibly some details may be accidentally left out. Once before, when entering a hall where I was to read a paper, I was questioned by an outsider as to what was going on. When he was told, he asked what it cost to go in. I told him “Nothing”, and he then asked, “Is it worth it?” Since then I have tried to avoid being put in a similar position. However, when your Publication Committee wants anything, they should have it, and this paper, therefore, is a result of…

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