Issue 2 and Volume 68.

FIRE COLLEGE EXTENSION COURSE (Answer continued from page 13) 2. There are floors, especially some fireproof floors, where the thickness of the floor and beams preclude the possibility of successfully operating a Baker cellar pipe and where conditions are such that a section of the sub-cellar pipe could not be used. Under such conditions the Breslin distributor can be operated to great advantage, for the reason that it can be lowered far enough to clear the beams, etc., and will throw water in sufficient volume with 50 pounds pressure to extinguish an ordinary cellar fire for an area of 30 feet square, while the spray will extend for about 25 feet in every direction from the distributor (or 50 feet square). Also in the case of a hoistway, inside, or trap door in a floor over a cellar fire, where it is required to both prevent a fire from coming…

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