Proceedings of American Water Works Convention

Issue 2 and Volume 68.

Proceedings of American Water Works Convention Continuation of Excerpts from the Official Record of the Doings of Tuesday’s Sessions — Papers and Discussions on Water Supplies of Montreal and Quebec TUESDAY, JUNE 22 Morning Session, 9:00 o’Clock (Continued from page 26) PRESIDENT DAVIS—Mr. Diven, you flatter me, and I don’t believe it. However, since there seems to be no objection, the President will deliver, or in other words, read his annual address. (NOTE—THE address of President Davis was published in full in the account of the convention published in the June 30 issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.) PRESIDENT DAVIS—As the maps which will be used by the second speaker in connection with his paper this morning are quite ready, I think we had better proceed with that paper first of all. So I will announce the first paper of the convention on the subject of “The Works of the…

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