Faulty Construction Responsible for Heavy Loss

Issue 2 and Volume 68.

Faulty Construction Responsible for Heavy Loss A case which probably could be duplicated in many other towns and cities is reported from the village of Milroy, Ind., by the chief of the fire department, C. S. Hougland. The fire, which started from an over-heated gas stove in a two-story frame building, which was forty years old, was so far advanced when the department arrived that the roof had fallen in and the adjoining building, a sevenstory brick structure, had caught fire. The latter building, which closely adjoined the one in which the fire originated, had a fire wall constructed of brick up to the second story and from this point up stucco had been substituted. This might not have been so hazardous, as the stucco was laid over steel lath, but the wooden joists were covered only with a thin layer of tin and this fault was the cause of…

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