Evolution of Department Shown in Parade

Issue 2 and Volume 68.

Evolution of Department Shown in Parade “Bring the Fire Department in contact with the citizens of your city is the cry which is heard all over the country. This the fire force of Indianapolis Ind., firmly believes in doing as was shown in the Centennial Parade held in that city June 7th. 1920,” says S. C. Hoyl, first assistant chief of the Indianapolis department, in a communication to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. “A fund was raised among the members of the department to defray the expenses of illustrating by different types of fire apparatus, the evolution of the fire department. The firemen constructed a bucket wagon, an old hand pump was borrowed for the occasion and the department had in its possession all other needed equipment. The Bucket Brigade (1820 to 1835) headed the first division, in charge of a captain and manned by 12 stalwart firemen in flaming red…

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