Issue 2 and Volume 68.

WATER WORKS NEWS The Erie Tire and Rubber Company of Sandusky, Ohio, some time ago started to put up housing accommodation for its employees, but has been obliged to stop operations because of the delay in installation of water service by the city. The company has recently enlarged the plant and has 2,000 workers on the rolls and the houses are badly needed, but construction cannot proceed until water is available. The city council of Revere, Mass., recently sustained the mayor’s veto of an appropriation of $2,500 ordered for water extension and maintenance in wards 4 and 5. The mayor vetoed the measure on the ground that all appropriations should be for the general water fund and not for the benefit of selected districts. Considerable discussion resulted in the council, several members urging the passage of the appropriating ordinance over the veto but the action of the mayor was finally…

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