A Water Works Philosopher

Issue 2 and Volume 68.

A Water Works Philosopher In these days of hustle and bustle the natural born philosopher is rather a rarity. And because of this very rarity, perhaps, we can the more appreciate the man with this native bent. The American Water Works Association is fortunate enough to have at its head one who combines with a saving sense of humor a keen insight into that most complex of compositions—human nature. The address which leads this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and which was in the nature of a greeting to the association by its new president, proves Beekman C. Little, superintendent of the Rochester, N. Y., water department, to possess all of the before-referred-to qualities, and besides, judging from the prosperous condition of the department under his control, no mean ability as a water works man. Such being the case, and viewing the loyalty and enthusiasm of the members…

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