Fire Losses of the Month of June

Issue 4 and Volume 68.

Fire Losses of the Month of June Again the fire record for the month shows a disheartening increase over both that of last year and that of the month of May, 1920, the latter being a difference over $300,000. The June, 1920, record, according to the figures compiled from the records of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, shows a total loss of $26,593,650, as compared with $25,440,300 in May, and $20,475,750 in June, 1919. Equally startling as to increase are the figures for the first half of this year as compared with the same periods in 1918 and 1919. The record of fire losses for the first six months of 1918 was $144,022,635; for that of 1919, $131,016,975, and for 1920, $165,384,650. This shows that 1920 has overshadowed the previous two years respectively by $21,000,000 and $33,000,000 in losses by fire. As in May, the number of fires with large property…

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