Issue 4 and Volume 68.

FIRE COLLEGE EXTENSION COURSE (Answer continued from page 143) Packing room fireproof bins provided for excelsior, fireproof bins provided for paper, etc.; floor constantly swept by porter. In shipping room, porters sweeping floors at all times, rubbish and waste materials gathered and placed in fireproof bins and removed at different intervals on each day. Cleanliness the watchword. Waste materials removed from the building twice daily. Smoking: No smoking permitted in any part of the building, either by patrons or employees. Porters on all floors picking up papers and watching for safety of patrons all hours of the day. Lighting: No open lights used; all electricity; red lights indicating exits posted at elevators and stairs. Heating: steam, with all pipes and radiators protected. No materials allowed around or near same. If ammonia plant is on premises for storage of furs, would have the same provided with smoke mask and pipes leading…

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