Proceedings of American Water Works Convention

Issue 4 and Volume 68.

Proceedings of American Water Works Convention Conclusion of Excerpts from Tuesday Evening’s Sessions and Part of Wednesday Afternoon’s Doings—Several Instructive Papers Read — Reports from Sections of the Association TUESDAY, JUNE 22 Evening Session, 9:30 o’clock (Continued from page 139) PRESIDENT DAVIS—The next paper on the program is entitled, “Difficulties in Building the Louisville Pumping Station,” by James B. Wilson. (NOTE—Excerpts from Mr. Day’s and Mr. Wilson’s papers will be published in later issues. Mr. Wilson’s aper was signalized by an unusual feature in that, after the paper itself had been read, the author exhibited forty slides with a running comment descriptive of each slide as it was thrown upon the SCREEN.—EDITOR.) PRESIDENT DAVIS—The evening is well advanced, but there is still time for discussion on both of these papers, Mr. Day’s and Mr. Wilson’s. Before the discussion starts the secretary has an announcement to make. SECRETARY DIVEN—The cars tomorrow…

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