Recent Important Fires Specially Reported

Issue 4 and Volume 68.

Recent Important Fires Specially Reported Beaver, Pa., Fire Caused by Fire Crackers—Lincoln, Neb., Department has Seven Hour Fight — Oil Fire in Wheeling, W. Va., — Fires of the Week Fire Crackers Responsible for Beaver, Pa., Fire The fire department of Beaver, Pa., was seriously hampered in its fight with the fire that not long ago inflicted severe damage on the lumber yard and stables of the Cook Anderson Company, which occupied an area of four acres just back of the center of the city. The fire started probably about 5.30 P. M. from fire crackers but was not discovered until 5.45 when an alarm was immediately given, to which the volunteer department under Chief D. A. Moore, responded quickly but found the stable so involved that nothing could be done to save it and seven of the horses it contained were burned. Chief Moore reports that the lack of…

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