Issue 5 and Volume 68.

FIRE COLLEGE EXTENSION COURSE (Continued from page 194) Question—There is a fire burning in the vicinity of 30th Street and 6th Avenue, Station 429, for which a second alarm has been sent out; soon after the second alarm was transmitted Signal Station 417 was sounded. This station is located at 26th Street and 7th Avenue, in the high pressure district. The buildings in this district are mostly from 12 to 20 stories high, known to firemen as modern loft buildings. You are the commanding officer of the first company to arrive; on your arrival you find the construction work of the subway at 7th Avenue, from curb to curb, has collapsed from 23d to 25th Streets, taking with it a trolley car full of people and burying a number of people beneath timbers, steel girders, etc., breaking all water mains, pipes and other conveyances that you would ordinarily expect to…

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