Priority Requested for Chemical Shipments

Issue 5 and Volume 68.

Priority Requested for Chemical Shipments In the past month many of the water departments have felt very keenly the present shortage of cars in the case of the shipments of chemicals needed in the purification of water. In nearly every case vexatious delays have been the result of this shortage, in some instances bringing the departments and companies perilously near an absolute famine in these necessary ingredients. So serious has this situation become that several of the states, through their health departments, recently requested the Surgeon General at Washington to take the matter up with the Interstate Commerce Commission, and see what could be done toward the forwarding of the shipments of the necessary chemicals. This he did, with the result that, while all that was desired was not accomplished, at least the concession was obtained that chemicals for the water works, provided they were shipped in car load lots,…

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