Issue 5 and Volume 68.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FRED SHEPPERD B.Sc., M.E., Technical Editor “He that questioneth much shall learn much”—BACON NOTE—Readers of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order in which they are received. Names are omitted from questions unless otherwise specified. Gasoline in Fire Extinguishers To the Editor: Will you kindly answer the following in your Questions and Answers column: During the war I, a fireman detailed as a company inspector, found on a certain pier a couple of fire extinguishers filled with gasoline. What I would like to know is this: What effect, if any, would the sulphuric acid in the extinguisher have if mixed with the gasoline, and if the same would be discharged under pressure, or would the acid go to the bottom of the container. Respectfully yours, New York, June 12, 1920. A. V. C. Answer: It is very…

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