Inspecting Fire Extinguishers

Issue 7 and Volume 68.

Inspecting Fire Extinguishers Proper Maintenance of Hand Fire Protective Devices Necessary. Lack of Inspection and Care by Trained Men Cause of Wasted Millions ONE of the greatest fallacies with which the promoter of fire prevention has to contend is the great American idea that “it can’t happen to me.” The result of this feeling is a neglectful or careless attitude toward a matter which is of the most extreme importance to every business man and that of scores, if not hundreds or thousands of others, who are, in a way, dependent upon him. Hand fire protective devices are the first line defense in preventing serious losses and they will extinguish or control 99 per cent, of all fires if at hand and in usable condition. An investigation of the situation was made several years ago, and it indicated that the great majority of such devices were being neglected with the…

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