Fire Conservation in Canadian Forests

Issue 8 and Volume 68.

Fire Conservation in Canadian Forests Not only in the United States is conservation needed in the matter of preservation of forests from fires. According to statistics recently put out by the Forest Department of Canada, fully two-thirds of the forests of the Dominion have been wiped out by fire during the past seventy-five years. It is estimated that there are now intact in Canada 1,900,000 square miles of forest land, the greatest amount lying in the province of British Columbia. These enormous tracts of forest land rival those of Russia, which are the most extensive in the world. Much has been done by the Forest Department of the Dominion, but a far greater systematic drive for Fire Prevention in the forests is urged by the Forester, Col. W B. Greeley. He estimates that the amount of timber burned over in the past seventy-five years would be sufficient to keep the…

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