Issue 9 and Volume 68.

FIRE COLLEGE EXTENSION COURSE (Continuation of answer to question as to fire on third and fourth floors of six-story paper warehouse in high-pressure district icith open stairways, ztiood floors and open beam construction, page 392) Hook and Ladder Co. 2: Direct men to the roof by way of building on north, with proper tools, to assist in ventilating roof, and to ascertain if fire is entering building north of building on fire; remainder of company direct to rear to open up for engine company No. 3; open up from shutters from fire escape and from buildings directly in rear, using 25-foot hook. Have 25-foot ladder raised to building on fire in rear and open up shutters; members of this company should also close shutters found open on all exposed windows on building in rear of fire. By this time the second alarm assignment would arrive, and, if relieved in command,…

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