Chief Behrens Re-elected as President

Issue 9 and Volume 68.

Chief Behrens Re-elected as President The 14th annual convention of the South Carolina Firemen’s Association was held August 19, in Columbia and had a large and enthusiastic attendance. Chief Louis Behrens of the Charleston Fire Department presided. The session was largely occupied with constructive work and helpful discussions. The matter of fire prevention was stressed and Deputy Commissioner Sherwood Brockwell said that it was his belief that 100 per cent, of the fire losses could be prevented by carefulness, coupled with sensible preventive legislation and severe penalties for arson. The three great causes of fire are exposure, lightning and arson and the first could be practically eliminated by fireproof construction, especially in avoidance of the shingled roof; the second could he prevented by rodding in accordance with the government’s instruction, and adequate punishment for the third might be depended upon to reduce the crime to negligible proportions. The convention adopted…

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