Proceedings of American Water Works Convention

Issue 9 and Volume 68.

Proceedings of American Water Works Convention Discussion of Meters for Apartment Houses —Important Address by Adolph Mueller on Standardization of Brass Goods for Services THURSDAY, JUNE 24 Morning Session, 9 o’Clock (Continued from page 399) (Continuation of Discussion on “What Is the Proper Size of Meter for Multiple Family Houses.”) A. H. KNEEN—Mr. President, this article is very interesting from some points of view, hut most engineers say in regard to proper service charge, that there should be a service charge for various sizes of meters, but they do not tell the operating man where he should use that meter. They say it is up to the consumer. The consumer comes in and when he is building a house he tries to keep the cost down a little, and he will inevitably put in a fiveeighth inch when he should put in a three-quarters or a one-inch. If he does…

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