Gravity Overflow Blow Off Develops into Siphon

Issue 9 and Volume 68.

Gravity Overflow Blow Off Develops into Siphon Description of Unusual Occurrence in Croton Aqueduct System—Water, in Flowing Over Stop-planks, Entrains Air in Drop into Intake Bay Causing a Vacuum THE development of a gravity overflow blow-off on the new Croton aqueduct into an effective siphon presents interesting features that warrant a description of what happened, and the causes thereof. The new Croton aqueduct between Croton Lake and the City Line is built largely as a grade tunnel with a small amount of cut and cover section. Just above the Jerome Park reservoir, which is an equalizing and distributingreservoir near the City Line, the aqueduct drops about one-hundred-and-twenty feet and continues at this low level for some seven miles to the 135th St. gatehouse, which is a combined gatehouse for the old and new Croton aqueducts. From this gatehouse some William W. Brush twelve pipe lines, mainly 48 inches in diameter,…

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