Proposed Chiefs’ Car for New York Department

Issue 9 and Volume 68.

Proposed Chiefs’ Car for New York Department The Apparatus Board of the New York Fire Department has under consideration in tentative form at this writing a scheme of its own to build a motor car for use by chief officers, which may be a cross between a Ford and—nobody knows just what. While there is no complaint about the service rendered by Ford cars, yet it has been commonly known for some time that the Ford runabout is just a little too light for the amount of service required by the average chief of battalion in the New York Department. Recently, a number of Overland touring cars were purchased and are in use now by Deputy Chiefs, heads of Bureaus, etc., but since these were procured the Overland Company has changed its model somewhat and the usual problem now confronts the Chief of Repairs and Supplies—that is the accessory and…

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