Issue 10 and Volume 68.

FIRE COLLEGE EXTENSION COURSE (Continued from page 467) Question—What do you understand by the term “fireproofing a column” Answer.—By the term fireproofing a column I understand the process of protecting the most important load bearing members in modern buildings, by building about the column and insulating it with a hard fireresisting material that will protect it from the destructive effect of fire and intense heat. Basement and lower story columns require the most efficient protection, especially where there are large quantities of combustible material and where tremendous loads are being carried by the column. Hollow tile blocks of fireproofing material in many instances in the San Francisco fire failed through poor workmanship. Concrete fireproofing on columns in the San Francisco fire stood the test second to brick. Well burned ordinary brick of good quality, properly laid in cement mortar, is the best material now in use as a fire protection…

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