Defective Flues

Issue 10 and Volume 68.

Defective Flues Defective flues are caused by some obstruction in the flue, or some defect in their construction that permits the smoke to issue from openings or crevices in the chimney wall, this generally occurs between the floors and ceilings of a building where the chimney wall has been left unplastered, or where the mortar between the bricks has become loose, or where wooden floor or roof beams have been permitted in violation of law to enter the chimney walls. Sometimes the ends of these beams will become charred from heat if the flue takes fire, and the same will spread across the floor between the beam. The ceilings in such cases generally become blackened around the end of the beams and is a warning that a defect exists. When a defect allows smoke to issue from between the bricks for lack of mortar or for want of terra cotta…

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