Filtration and the Typhoid Fever Death Rate

Issue 10 and Volume 68.

Filtration and the Typhoid Fever Death Rate A Strong Argument in Favor of the Use of Filtration—Columbus Death Rate Drops from 100 to 15 on Introduction of the System The 49th annual report for the water Department of Columbus Ohio, presented by Superintendent Jerry O’Shaughnessy nishes, in the diagram of deaths from typhoid in the city from installation of the filter plant to the year 1919, the most powerful argument possible for the universal use of filtration. The diagram, which we reproduce, is drawn by Charles P. Hoover, chemist in charge of the softening and purification works and shows the decline in the rate of deaths per 100,000 yearly. The high mark, 135 per 100,000, was in 1904; the low mark was in 1919 with onlv 8 deaths in the city from that cause, of which number seven were not residents of the city and had contracted the illness elsewhere.…

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