Twelve Promotions in Boston Department

Issue 10 and Volume 68.

Twelve Promotions in Boston Department Twelve promotions took effect recently in the Boston fire department. Acting Deputy Chief Henry A. Fox, of division 2, was made a permanent deputy chief; District Chief Walter M. McLean, of district 10, was appointed a deputy chief; and Captain James J. Caine, of Engine Company No. 39, was promoted to the ranking of district chief. The following four lieutenants were advanced to captains: Lieutenant John Williams, of Engine Company No. 31; Lieutenant Patrick J. Laffey, of Ladder Company No. 11; Lieutenant Philip P. Leahy, of Engine Company No. 40; and Lieutenant John E. Redman, of Ladder Company No. 3. The following privates were made lieutenants: Hoseman Charles Ingersoll, of Engine Company No. 23; Ladderma’n James Gavagan, of Ladder Company No. 3; Ladderman William J. Shepard, of Ladder Company No. 15; and Hoseman John J. Devine, of Engine Company No. 21.

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