Fire Alarm Box Protector

Issue 10 and Volume 68.

Fire Alarm Box Protector The novel arrangement for the protection of fire alarm boxes from careless motorists illustrated herewith was devised by John A. Leonard, president of the Board of Fire Commissioners of Bridgeport, Conn., after several other plans used in other cities had been rejected as impractical for Bridgeport. These simple and ingenious guards have been placed about all important fire boxes in the center of the city where parking autos are likely to injure them. The city of Bridgeport is forced to expend a large amount of money every year in keeping fire alarm signals, w h ic h are very delicate mechanisms, in repair. Approximately fifty per cent of the trouble experienced with the boxes is caused by motorists who back their cars against the curb, bringing the bumper on the rear in violent contact with the box. The resulting jar throws the box out of order…

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