The Fireman’s Many Duties

Issue 13 and Volume 68.

The Fireman’s Many Duties The illustration on this week’s cover of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING shows very strikingly that the extinguishment of fires is by no means the only duty which the fireman is called upon to perform in the course of his day’s work. The explosion which rocked to its foundations the financial district in Wall Street, New York City, recently, which later developments seem to show was the dastardly work of enemies of Society, called upon the best offices of the men of the fire department in caring for the dead and wounded that strewed the sidewalks and roadway immediately after the occurrence. For duties of this nature the fireman is perhaps better fitted than any other individual outside of the physician or surgeon himself. His work is essentially humanitarian at all times, and he naturally enters into the task of assisting the wounded with a gentleness and…

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