Efficiency and Economy of Trenching Machines

Issue 14 and Volume 68.

Efficiency and Economy of Trenching Machines The papers and discussion thereon which lead this week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and which form a part of the proceedings of the Holyoke convention of the New England Water Works Association bring very prominently into view the necessity for the use of trenching machines in the water works and sewerage departments of the country. These and like labor-saving devices were never more needed than at the present time. Labor is almost prohibitive in its rates of wages, and its efficiency, as compared with that of a few years ago, has fallen off in almost as great a ratio. This condition has become so acute that the water works departments which rely upon hand labor have invariably of late found it more economical to have their work of improvement done by contract—even when made at the exorbitant rates of the present day—than…

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