There once was

Issue 15 and Volume 68.

There once was an Automobile Driver who used all Six Cylinders going Down Grade, but when he came to a Hill he took the wires off two Spark Plugs and tried to negotiate the hill on Four Cylinders. You will agree that he was a Pretty Foolish Driver. Yet a Lot of automobile advertisers and other advertisers are Just Like Him. Last fall and winter when they couldn’t supply their Customers’ Demands (the Going was Good) they advertised on a very Large Scale (used Six Cylinders). Now that they have Struck the Upgrade, quite a Few of them are Deliberately getting out and taking the Wires off two of their Spark Plugs. Just like theGrocer who Pulled Down the Curtains in his store because his groceries Weren’t Selling. Another automobile company Took an Opposite View. They ran on Six Cylinders in good times; now they are running on Six and…

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