Illinois Losses in First Six Months

Issue 18 and Volume 68.

Illinois Losses in First Six Months Fire Marshal John C. Gamber of Illinois reports the fire loss in that state for the first six months of this year as $10,022,983. The loss during the same period in 1919 was $7,369,988 but the marshal attributes the increase rather to the heavily enhanced valuations of property than to increase in fires. There were 107 deaths from fires in the same time, most of them from careless use of gasoline, kerosene and open lights. In the month of June there were eight died and eleven injured in fires. Sixty-three fires in that month were started by lightning with a loss from that cause alone of $156,026. There seems to be considerable dissatisfaction in Albany, N. Y., in regard to the fact that the city makes no provision for the attendance of the chief of the department at the State and International conventions of…

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